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Our Mission​

To glorify God by reaching the lost in Ethiopia with the Good News of Jesus Christ through the power of prayer and evangelism.

Ambaricho International Prayer and Mission Movement

Our Vision

We have a purposeful pursuit to support indigenous Ethiopian Missionaries through prayer, financial support, and training as they strive to share the gospel with the lost locally and globally.

AIPM Founder​

Desta Langena Letta became a follower of Jesus Christ at a very early age. His story goes back to the early years before he was even born when the first white missionaries arrived in Ethiopia. Dr. Desta is a man chosen by God to carry the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, throughout Ethiopia and beyond. This calling continues today even after spending months in prison under the communist government in 1987.

Dr. Desta received his degree in Physics from Addis Ababa University and his Masters in Missions at Bethany School of Missions in Singapore. He received his Doctoral degree in Missiology at Western Seminary, in Portland Oregon USA.

"If we pray, God works!
If we don't pray, we work."

Dr. Desta Langena Letta


Global Missions University


US Support Arm


Dr. Desta Langena Foundation

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