December 2023

Courageous Kingdom Advancement in 2023

It’s been an amazing year! Courageous Kingdom Advancement are the best three words I
can offer to describe the ministry of AIPM in 2023.

November 2023

Annual Missionary Training in Durame

AIPM aims to bring its missionaries back to Durame at least once annually for prayer, testimony, reflection, and training. This year’s event occurred from October 10-12, and 302 AIPM missionaries attended. The training sessions were led by Dr. Desta, AIPM-USA board member Justin Slemp, and three other men from the US: Pastor Tim from Branches Church in Oregon, Pastor Aaron, and a congregant with missionary experience from Bay Leaf Baptist Church in North Carolina.


April 2020 Ethiopia Update​
Dr. Desta and His Wife Zenebech Give Their Testimony​
A 5 Minutes Journey to Mount Ambaritcho​
What is AIPM? What is it doing?
የአምባሪቾ የጸሎትና የወንጌል አገልግሎትት ምንድርን ነው? ምንስ እየሠራ ነው?
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Desta Means Joy

This is an incredible story about a man who became a follower of Jesus Christ as a young boy and in his teenage years was put in prison by the communist government that had overthrown the last emperor of Ethiopia. Even after receiving over 300 lashes, he refused to renounce his faith in Jesus Christ.

The Power of Prayer

Share the journey of how the extraordinary Power of Prayer has impacted the life of Dr. Desta Langena Letta. Follow him as he documents personal stories and historical facts from creation to the end times.

This is the Gospel

Through a God-ordained partnership with Life Baptist Church of Las Vegas, NV we have been given these wonderful resources for discipleship that have been translated into Amharic. There are four books to guide you through the journey of new believer  to disciple maker. Click on the links provided below to download your copy. 

You may visit the site directly and read more about this great resource and find additional resources available for you. 

I’ll add a form once we get FMS connected.